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Innovative Products for Active Travelers

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The Kelsyus Beach Mat lets you set up your own island amidst a sea of regular towels that bunch up and won't keep you dry. Take Kelsyus beach mat anywhere in its lightweight carry bag.
Kelsyus Beach Mat (secure server)



The Kelsyus Floating Lounger redefines style and function for beach and pool accessories. While its inflatable perimeter keeps you afloat, its nylon mesh surface allows water to seep through, keeping you cool and relaxed.
Kelsyus Floating Lounger (secure server) 




The Kelsyus Backpack Beach Chair redefines style and function in beach accessories. It breaks the mold with a featherweight steel frame design and arm rests that transform into padded backpack shoulder straps enabling beach goers to carry other necessities while searching for that perfect spot. 
Kelsyus Backpack Beach Chair (secure server)

$ 28.99




The Kelsyus 3 in 1 Chair combines the comfort of a generously sized chair, with the portability of a backpack and a drink cooler. The protective cover contains an oversized pouch that can store clothing, snacks, money and other valuables out of sight.
Kelsyus 3 in 1 Chair (secure server)




The DryGuy Athletic Shoe Dryer Dry your Sneakers, Cleats, Tennis shoes, Skates, Work Boots, quickly with DryGuy.  Dry up to 4 articles at a time in 3 hours.  Dries fast and quite by forcing dry or heated air through the article. Three hour timer.  Free Hand Warmers &  Free Shipping!
DryGuy Athletic Shoe Dryer  (secure server)



DryStix Athletic Shoe Dryer  (secure server)




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