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Here are a few facts about boot dryers, ski boot dryers, ice skate dryers, athletic shoe dryers and work boot dryers.  If you are interested in any of or products, please click on the link in the left column.

  1. To prevent your shoes from smelling you could wear footwear that is made of natural material like (leather, canvas, etc.).

  2. Ski boot and glove dryers are essential for most skiers. Dry warm boots and gloves keep you warmer all day long. By removing the moisture on your ski boots and gloves, you increase the warmth of your hands and feet. Your ski boots and gloves will last longer and stay in better condition.

  3. To prevent your shoes from smelling you must remove the moisture by wearing a pair of moisture absorbing insoles so when your feet sweat, the insoles will absorb the moisture.

  4. Boot dryers and shoe dryers remove the moisture and remove the smell!

  5. To prevent your shoes from smelling you can use a boot dryer daily or weekly which will remove the moisture, starving the fungus and eliminating the smell