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Here are a few facts about boot dryers, ski boot dryers, ice skate dryers, athletic shoe dryers and work boot dryers.  If you are interested in any of or products, please click on the link in the left column.

  1. To prevent your shoes from smelling, you could wear footwear that can circulate air like (sandals or open toe shoes).

  2. Why do feet smell? Because our feet produce sweat that gets trapped in our shoes. As the moisture grows, bacteria on our skin begins to eat the sweat. The bacteria then excrete waste that contains the odor that we smell. The solution in removing the smell is to get your shoes or boots dry.

  3. As we live our normal lives, we tend to perspire to regulate our body temperature. Most of the sweat just dissipates unnoticed in the air. But if our sweat does not have a way to evaporate, the moisture builds up. This is most noticeable on our armpits and in our footwear. If the moisture is not removed quickly, bacteria begin to eat the sweat and produce the odor we smell. Keeping our footwear dry is the answer eliminating smelly feet.

  4. Boot dryers are the choice of so many people like coaches, athletes, skaters, workers, skiers, etc. Simply put, dry feet and hands = warm feet and hands.

  5. Where does that smell come from? The smell comes from waste being produced from the bacteria eating our sweat. As the bacteria on our feet or underarms eat our sweat, they excrete waste that has a strong odor.